Bridge Financing

Successfully connect our Investee Companies with the most appropriate Investors

How we can help you?

Bridge Capital Advisory specialises in providing solution for commodity based trade financing, asset-backed financing, private equity financing and distressed assets investment to our clients.

  • Bridge Financing
  • Asset-Backed Financing
  • Private Equity Financing​
  • Initial Coin Offering​
  • Distressed Assets Investment​

Our Track Records

USD700 million
of structured debt financing for steel mills in China and
South East Asia

USD 120 million
project financing for property projects in Malaysia

USD 30million
of private equity financing for companies in Singapore and Malaysia

Our Partners

Our financing solution partners include financial institutions and high networth
individuals from Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

Meet our Key Management & Advisors

Nelson Fong

Executive Director
  • 20 years’ experience in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions involving companies across continents, from South East Asia to Latin American countries. Specialized in debt restructuring, corporate restructuring, fund raising and joint venture management.
  • Previously held senior positions in various multi-billion dollar public listed companies, with ventures in the Asia Pacific region and Brazil.
  • Fund raised of more than USD 700 million from banks and financial institution globally.

Simon Lau

Managing Director, China
  • More than 20 years’ experience holding senior position with one of the largest commodities trading firm in China.
  • Managed portfolio companies in Latin America and Asia in commodities related activities.